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Geology of Queensland

Geology of Queensland is a major book that offers a modern comprehensive description and detailed analysis of Queensland's geology. It is the standard reference on Queensland geology that will underpin future mineral and energy exploration in the State.

Why buy Geology of Queensland

Geology of Queensland is a vital tool for all geoscientists: exploration professionals, researchers, teachers and students or anyone studying aspects of the physical world underpinned by geology, such as the environment, soils, water and landscapes.

Book available as hardcopy or pdf on DVD only: A$75 plus p&p

Order now (Note: Please indicate your preference for hardcopy or DVD version in the email when ordering via the online form. The disc included in the book and map package contains GIS files only.)

What Geology of Queensland offers:

  • 970 pp of authoritative text with 700 diagrams and full-colour maps and photos
  • the expertise of 59 expert geoscientists from the Geological Survey of Queensland, Geoscience Australia and Australian universities, museums and industry
  • regional chapters covering:
    • the North Australian Craton
    • the Thomson Orogen
    • the Mossman Orogen
    • the New England Orogen
    • the Kennedy Igneous Association
    • post-orogenic Mesozoic basins and volcanic activity
    • Paleogene and Neogene Queensland
    • Quaternary Queensland
  • themed chapters on mineral and energy resources, seismicity, groundwater, impact structures and meteorites, and geological heritage.

Further information

Email Geological Survey of Queensland

Last updated 4 April 2014