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Call for tenders for authorities to prospect

The Queensland Government is calling for expressions of interest to explore for petroleum and gas resources on highly prospective land in the Bowen Basin of central and south-west Queensland, Australia.

The two parcels of land open for competitive tender for petroleum and gas exploration rights with a cash bid component covers approximately 350 km2 or 113 sub-blocks of land in the Rolleston and Injune areas of the Bowen Basin.

This is one of the largest land releases for areas with petroleum and gas deposits in Queensland and is expected to provide significant employment and economic opportunities for the region.

Areas released with a cash bid component are in established resource regions. Exploration and discovery activities on this area are well established – the Queensland Government is now looking for a company with the right expertise to successfully bring these resources to market.

This opportunity will grant the successful tender applicant a petroleum and gas Authority to Prospect (ATP) exploration permit for an initial term of six years.

The tender process

The Authority to Prospect (ATP) for two of Queensland’s most highly prospective blocks of land opened to tender on 3 October 2014. The competitive tender process includes a cash bid component.

The tender process will close at 2:30pm on Thursday, 29 January 2015.

The tender documentation (including relevant data and requirements) is available from the QTenders website.

All tenders must meet the criteria outlined in the tender documents and be delivered (by agent or person) to the Mining and Petroleum Operations Tender Box, located at DNRM in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

More information about exploration opportunities and assistance available to develop resources in Queensland is available on our website or by contacting us via or calling +61 73199 8239

Tender areas

The two blocks open for competitive tender are:

    Area 1 (PLR2014-2-1)
    • Size: Approximately 78 km2 (25 sub blocks) in area.
    • Location: 55 km south of Rolleston - Bowen Basin.
    • Gas-in-place estimates: range from 4370 to 8740 Mm3 (164 to 327 PJ) assuming an in-situ gas content range of 5 to 10m3/t.

    Area 2 (PLR 2014-2-2)
    • Size: Approximately 272 km2 (88 sub-blocks) in area.
    • Location: 40 km north of Injune - Bowen Basin.
    • Gas-in-place estimates: range from 3808 to 15 232 Mm3 (143 to 570PJ), assuming an in-situ gas content range of 2-8 m3/t.

Map of Bowen Basin areas

Exploration potential

Queensland’s Bowen Basin is widely recognised as an established resource region with extensive coal seam gas resources. Both of the areas outlined in this tender (PLR2014-2-1) and (PLR 2014-2-2) are located in Queensland’s Bowen Basin and are considered potentially highly prospective for coal seam gas, with the Bandanna Formation being the primary target. Secondary targets include the Alderbaran Sandstone, Cattle Creek Formation and Reids Dome beds, which may exist in some areas.

Exploration and appraisal work will be required to confirm the size of the gas-in-place resource for each area and to assess its suitability for commercial production. Aerial magnetic and surface gravity geophysical survey data show no indications of intrusive bodies that may adversely impact on resources and there are no significant shallow anomalies in either of the release areas.

Comprehensive geological data can be found in the Call for Tenders Document.

Last updated 3 October 2014