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Domestic type A gas work

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Gas appliances
Certifying Type A gas appliances
Information for gas installers

Gas appliances

When selecting appliances make sure they are made to an appropriate Australian Standard, certified by a type A appliance approving body, and are designed to run on LPG. Appliances must be labelled to show certification.

LPG is not the same as natural gas and must never be used in natural gas appliances, and vice versa. Operating an appliance on the wrong type of gas can be hazardous. Installation of domestic LPG appliances, or service and maintenance work on any part of the gas system must only be done by a licensed gasfitter holding a Queensland gas work licence.

Licensed gasfitters may also be plumbers but not all plumbers are licensed gasfitters (look in the Yellow pages under plumbers and gasfitters). The gasfitter is required to issue a Gas System Compliance Certificate to the appliance owner for new installations or alterations/extensions to existing gas services. This is also the case for installation work on caravans, boats and fixed gas BBQs. It is very important for the owner to obtain and keep this certificate.

There are a number of gas retailers supplying reticulated or piped gas to households throughout Queensland.

Certifying type A gas appliances

Type A gas devices can only be offered for sale, installation or use if the device has been approved by the Chief Inspector, Petroleum and Gas or by a person or body approved by the Chief Inspector under s733(2) of the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004.

These persons/bodies approved by the Chief Inspector, Petroleum and Gas are called approving authorities. Separate approving authorities exist for type A appliances (ie white goods such as hot water heaters, cookers etc) and Type B gas devices (industrial gas burners etc). A list of Type A gas device approving authorities accepted in Queensland is available.

Information for gas installers

Anyone who undertakes gas work (installs, removes, alters, repairs, services, tests or certifies) on the gas system of a type A device must have a current gas work licence. Type A gas devices include appliances used for producing heat, light or power or for refrigeration where gas is the fuel. Essentially this includes certified (badged) appliances such as stoves and hot water systems.

Gas work licences are issued by the Chief Inspector, Petroleum and Gas. They may be issued for all gas work or the licence may be endorsed or restricted, for example, to gas servicing (Type A gas devices), or caravan servicing and certification.

Applying for a licence

If you want to apply for a gas work licence you will need to fill out a Gas Work Licence Application Form (PDF, 185 kB). To obtain a gas work licence, applicants will need to demonstrate the required competencies (these are detailed in the Queensland Gas Work Licence and Gas Work Authorisation Requirements).

In most cases you must:

  • have satisfactorily completed a TAFE trade course in gas fitting;
  • apprentices must have completed their apprenticeship; and
  • possess the relevant standards and legislation.

An interim licence (1-2 years) may be issued to someone who has obtained the minimum competencies and once they demonstrate that they have completed the remaining competencies, a full licence can be issued.

Non plumbing/gas fitting apprenticeship trade qualified applicants are also required to complete the Field Experience Form (PDF, 90 kB) to progress to a Full Gas Work Licence.

Interstate licence holders are subject to State and Commonwealth Mutual Recognition Acts.  Equivalence of current licences can be found on the Commonwealth licence recognition website where you can quickly determine what licence you will be entitled to apply for in the state of Queensland.

Gas work licence fees

The prescribed fees for a Queensland Gas Work Licence are as follows:

Application Fee Annual fee Total payable for 1 year Total Payable for 5 years
$26.75 $66.90 $173.90

Gas system compliance certificates

A gas system compliance certificate (Form PGA734) must be completed for every installation, with a copy provided to the owner and one to the gas supplier. (Copy can be faxed (PDF, 18 kB) if desired.) Books of these certificates can be purchased by the licence holder from the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate regional offices (see below) or by using the order form (PDF, 48 kB).

Gas system defect notices

Changes to the Petroleum and Gas (Production and Safety) Act 2004 effective from 6 November 2009, obligates a person who undertakes gas work or installs part of, or all of a gas system, to use the approved 'Gas System Defect Notice' when non-compliant work is identified. The approved form can only be purchased from the Petroleum and Gas Inspectorate.

All holders of a gas work licence should have a book of defect notices.  The 'request for certificate books' (PDF, 45 kB) form can be used to order and purchase these books.

Under the new requirements of s734A, a defect notice must be issued if a non-compliance is found.  In addition, the new provisions require any 'safety concern' (ie where this is imminent risk of material harm to persons or property unless action is taken) to be notified to both the gas supplier (PDF, 13 kB) and a Petroleum and Gas Inspector.

The designated 24/7 telephone number to contact the Inspectorate for these serious defects can be obtained by contacting the Inspectorate.

Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) requirements

To undertake gasfitting work in Queensland a gasfitter with a gas work licence must also have a QBCC contractors licence or be working for a gasfitting company or trade contractor which has a current gasfitting QBCC licence. This applies no matter what the value of the work is.

If you do not have a QBCC licence or are not working for (as an employee or a sub trade contractor) a QBCC licensed gasfitter, then you are working illegally and are liable for prosecution by the QBCC.

Information in relation to obtaining a QBCC licence for gas fitting can be found on the QBCC website. You can do an online search to find out if you or your employer is licensed.

Note: the QBCC licence must relate to gas fitting, not another trade.

To make an application for a QBCC licence or for further information go to the QBCC website.

More information

For licence administrative enquiries phone:
  • Southern Region (07) 3330 4248
  • Central Region (07) 4936 0188
  • North Region (07) 47607402

Last updated 19 December 2014